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CH7730SQ6-XX (30")
CH7736SQ6-XX (36")
CH7748SQ6-XX (48")


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KOBE CH77 Series Under Cabinet Range Hood is Next Level in Range Hoods. Featuring 700 CFM Internal Blower and utilizing KOBE’s VENTelligent™ System to allow carefree venting. No need to worry about turning your hood on and off. No need to worry about changing the fan speed. KOBE’s Carefree venting does this for you. The MILA Series utilizes an unique method of instantly turning on from a flame so you will not forget to turn on your range hood. Combined with Perimetric Suction and Airflow Efficiency Panels (AEP), this Range Hood not only works for you but complements any contemporary and modern kitchen. Easy to remove and clean reusable panel (AEP) allows for you to enjoy the luxury of removing odors, contaminants and giving you the optimal living environment.

‧ KOBE VENTelligent™ System w/ Patented Flame & Temperature Sensor Control
‧ Powerful 700 CFM Internal Blower
‧ Automatic ON/OFF controlled by Flame
‧ Automatic Fan Speed controlled by Temperature
‧ Durable 18-Gauge Commercial Grade Stainless Steel with seamless design
‧ 6 Speeds – Automatic or Manual: QuietMode™, Speed 1-5
‧ ECO Mode to remove excess moisture, microscopic particles and odors
‧ Permetric Suction with Airflow Efficiency Panel
‧ Easy to Maintain and Clean
‧ Optimally used for Gas Ranges and Cooktops

Features & Benefits

QuietMode™ At 280 CFM, this unique feature allows the KOBE range hood to operate at a reduced sound level of 40 decibels (2.0 sone).
Blower Type Single Horizontal Squirrel Cage
Speed / Control 6-Speed / Electronic Button with Flame Sensor / Delay Shutoff – 5-Minutes
CFM / Sone 280 / 2.0 / QuietMode™
380 / 3.5 / Speed 1
470 / 4.5 / Speed 2
550 / 5.6 / Speed 3
590 / 6.0 / Speed 4
700 / 7.0 / Speed 5
Exhaust Top: 6″ Round
Light The hood is equipped with 3W LED lights with 3-level lighting.
Filters Dishwasher safe professional airflow efficiency panel(s) allow for easy cleaning.
Attractive Appearance The seamless curves and stylish appearance of the hood will compliment any kitchen
Time Delay Control The Time Delay System features a 5-minute delay shutoff
ECO Mode ECO Mode runs the fan on the QuietMode™ setting for 10 minutes every hour to remove excess moisture, microscopic particles and odors to promote a cleaner kitchen air quality.
VENTelligent™ KOBE’s VENTelligent™ System is our unique system of Carefree venting that allows your hood to automatically turn on and off as well as go into ECO Mode.
Easy to Clean KOBE’s unique design, which includes easy to empty catch areas and smooth hood surface, lets you clean the fans without disassembling the hood.
Quality Parts are checked for defects and designed for trouble free long term use.
Sizes 30″, 36 and 48″
Easy to Install Our special design makes installation fast and easy.
Color Commercial Grade Stainless Steel
Versatile Installation This versatile hood can be used for under cabinet or for wall mount style with the optional duct cover.
Optional Accessories Remote Control – Model No.: KRC6
Stainless Steel Back Splash
30″ Stainless Steel Back Splash – Model No.: SSP30
36″ Stainless Steel Back Splash – Model No.: SSP36