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KOBE Range Hoods, a leader in the quiet kitchen ventilation industry, is based in Arcadia, California. Established in 1998, the company has been committed to providing high quality products and services. KOBE kitchen ventilation products are designed by Tosho & Company, Ltd., our parent company in Japan. Tosho & Company, Ltd. has been in the business of selling quality products throughout Japan and across the globe for almost 50 years.

KOBE Range Hoods is recognized for providing top quality kitchen ventilation products in the United States and Canada. Our goals are to design products with innovative styles, pioneer technology at an attractive price and serve our customers with high standards. The results of KOBE’s extensive research and development are a series of kitchen ventilation products that are seamless, elegant, powerful, innovative, and easy to clean with a very unique feature, the QuietMode™ function. This famous and remarkable QuietMode™ feature allows you to operate your range hood without the irritation of fan noise while cooking and entertaining your family and guests in the kitchen. It is precisely described in our motto, “So Quiet… You Won’t Believe It’s On!”

KOBE Range Hoods also strives to reduce energy usage in our products through our ECO Mode function, which clears the air of oil, smoke, and odors periodically without the need to run continuously.

KOBE Range Hoods continues to expand our product line and services to meet the expectations of our customers. We provide products and services to builders, architects, designers, and homeowners. Our products are available through distributors, dealers, and online retailers.

For over 20 years, KOBE Range Hoods has been dedicated to making better kitchen ventilation products through advanced technology, research & development, innovation, reliable products and services, and collaboration with our partners and customers.

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