Frequently Asked Questions

Warning: The answer below is generalized and may not apply to certain models. For more accurate product information, please see the product spec sheet or the product manual.

Premium and Deluxe lines represent the top of the line of KOBE Range Hoods. Models from these lines typically include more functions and features such as 4-6 fan speed, multi-level lighting, LED display, electronic buttons, 3 minute delay shutoff, and ECO Mode. Despite having the same material quality, Brillia line is more economical because it offers limited, basic functions.

Deluxe is private labels for Amazon, Overstock and Wayfair.

The difference between Premium and Deluxe models lies in the CFM (cubic feet per minute). Premium models have higher CFM due to a more powerful blower while Deluxe models have lower CFM. Premium models also come with a 2 Year Parts & Labor warranty while Deluxe models come with a 2 Year Parts & 1 Year Labor warranty.

QuietMode™ is our unique feature that allows the range hood to operate on the lowest CFM at a reduced sound level of 40 Decibels (1 Sone). Allowing the user to effectively vent the kitchen without the noise a typical range hood generates.

ECO Mode promotes a cleaner kitchen air quality without the work of manually turning the range hood on or off. KOBE’s Eco Mode features an automatic mechanism that runs the range hood on QuietMode™ setting for 10 minutes every hour to remove excess moisture, microscopic particles and odor.

Multi-Style hood can be installed as an under cabinet or a stand alone wall mount. This versatile feature gives the freedom to install the range hood in any kind of kitchen setting without limitation. (Duct cover is included in wall mount hood only)

Airflow Efficiency Panel = Parametric Panel

It is a panel that increases static air pressure by limiting airflow space. Panel may be opened or removed to access the filters for cleaning purposes.

KOBE uses 2 types of blower systems to maximize CFM and filtration while minimizing noise and power consumption. The types of blower systems used are Twin Vertical Turbine Impeller and Single Horizontal Squirrel Cage.

About Service

The recommended distance from the bottom of the range hood to the cooking surface is 26″~30″ for under the cabinet and wall mount style hoods, 30″~36″ for island hoods and 30″~36″ for Dual Blower (1200 CFM) hood (accept Built-In hoods).

The required distance is the optimal distance between the hood and the cooking surface. KOBE range hood is powerful enough so it can be installed at a minimum of 26″ for under cabinet and wall mount, and 30″ for island hood. Any higher than the required height the effectiveness of the range hood will be reduced.

The maximum length will be 50 feet (depending on model and installation).

Yes, but please make sure that the ductwork attached to your KOBE range hood is at least 12 inch high before the 90º elbow turn to the wall.

Yes, most of KOBE range hoods come with a damper installed.

KOBE range hoods is CSA (U.S.A & Canada) and ETL (U.S.A & Canada) approved.

Yes, but please change the power voltage and plug for the range hood to be suitable at your region. However, warranty does not apply.

Please kindly contact KOBE customer service for the parts you need, and our team will advise if parts are still available.

Please have model number, serial number and part number ready before contacting customer service team.

Warranty is limited to non-commercial indoor use of a KOBE Range Hood products. Any warranty claim must include the original sales receipt or invoice as proof of purchase of a Range Hood from an AUTHORIZED Dealer or Dealer of an Authorized Distributor of KOBE Range Hoods products. Authorized Dealers can be found on our website or contact KOBE directly to verify. KOBE Range Hoods warrants all new and unopened products manufactured or supplied by it to be free from defects in workmanship and materials. For a complete warranty policy, please refer to our installation manual.

Premium: 2 Year Parts & Service
Deluxe: 2 Year Parts, 1 Year Service
Brillia: 2 Year Parts, 1 Year Service

**INX2930SQBF-500-1 comes with 2 Year Parts & 0 Year Service