Brillia INX27 SQB-700-3 Series (NEW)

BUILT IN / INSERT 30" - 36"


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INX2730SQB-700-3 (30")
INX2736SQB-700-3 (36")







Ductless/ Recirculating





ECO Mode






KOBE Range Hoods has upgraded its INX27 series ducted insert range hood to have better sustainability with reduced packaging and energy efficient lighting. This insert hood is professionally handcrafted with 18-gauge commercial grade stainless steel with a satin finish and is designed to fit with either 30-inch or 36-inch custom cabinetry without the need for a liner. Its energy efficient 550 CFM internal blower removes most moisture, odors, and smoke effectively. It also comes with both dishwasher-safe baffle filters and aluminum mesh filters for your preference. The hood is equipped with 3-speed mechanical push buttons and bright energy efficient LED lights.

Features & Benefits

  • IMPROVED FOR EASY ACCESSING COMPONENTS: KOBE has redesigned the unit by repositioning core components, making repairs easier without needing to remove the range hood
  • IMPROVED QUIETMODE: QuietMode is KOBE’s unique feature. KOBE has reduced the sound level of QuietMode from 2.0 sone to 1.5 sone so that you can feel more quiet and comfortable while cooking
  • IMPROVED PACKAGING: Adhering to SDGs, KOBE has redesigned its packaging material that has reduced approximately 20% of cardboard and Styrofoam usage
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: Strong 550 CFM in maximum airflow to perform powerful suction to remove smoke, odors, and moisture to promote a cleaner kitchen air quality
  • HIGH QUALITY: High quality workmanship with durable 18-gauge commercial grade stainless steel that is easy to maintain
  • BRIGHTER LED LIGHT: Equipped with 2 LED lights that will illuminate your cooking area! The lights are redesigned for sustainability and long-term use

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