Manuals and Specifications

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Current Series
Series Manuals
(English, French & Spanish)
Specification Sheet
IS-22 IS-22 IS-22
IS-123 IS-123-SQ IS-123-SQ
IS-124-1 IS-124-1 IS-124-1
RA-02 RA-02-SQB RA-02-SQB
RA-028SQB-1 RA-028SQB-1 RA-028SQB-1
RA-038 RA-038-SQ
RA-038 SQB-1 RA-038 SQB-1 RA-038 SQB-1
RA-092 SQB-1 RA-092-SQB-1 RA-092-SQB-1
RA-094 SQB-1 RA-094-SQB-1 RA-094-SQB-1
RA-22 RA-22 RA-22
RA-22SQB-1 RA-22SQB-1 RA-22SQB-1
CH-27 SQB-1 CH-27-SQB-1 CH-27-SQB-1
NEW CH-77 (2012) New CH-77-SQB New CH-77-SQB
CH-77 SQB-1 CH-77-SQB-1 CH-77-SQB-1
CH-100 CH-100-SQB CH-100-SQB
CH-122SQ-1 CH-122SQ-1
(Under Cabinet)
(Under Cabinet)
CH-122SQB-1 CH-122SQB-1
(Under Cabinet)
(Under Cabinet)
CH-191SQB-1 CH-191-SQB-1 CH-191-SQB-1
CHX-191SQB-1 CHX-191SQB-1 CHX-191SQB-1

Discontinued Series
Series Manuals
(English, French & Spanish)
Specification Sheet
CH-03 CH-03-SQB CH-03-SQB
CH-27 CH-27-SQB CH-27-SQB
CH-77 CH-77-SQB CH-77-SQB
CH-97 CH-97-SQB CH-97-SQB
CH-101 CH-101-SQB CH-101-SQB
CH-122 SQ CH-122-SQ CH-122-SQ
CH-122 SQB CH-122-SQB CH-122-SQB
CH-179 CH-179-SQ CH-179-SQ
CH-179 SQB CH-179-SQB CH-179-SQB
CH-181 CH-181-SQB CH-181-SQB
CH-191 CH-191-SQB CH-191-SQB
CHX191 CHX191 CHX191
CX-183 CX-183-GS-8 CX-183-GS-8
IN-026 IN-026
IN-026-SQB-1 IN-026-SQB-1 IN-026-SQB-1
IS-20 IS-20-GS IS-20-GS
IS-21 IS-21-SQB IS-21-SQB
IN-027-SF IN-027-SF IN-027-SF
IN-027-SF-1 IN-027-SF-1 IN-027-SF-1
RA-028 RA-028-SB RA-028-SB
RA-038 RA-038-S
(English Only)
RA-092 RA-092-S
(English Only)
RA-092-SQB RA-092-SQB RA-092-SQB
RA-092-SQ RA-092-SQ
RA-094 RA-094-SQB RA-094-SQB
RA-094 SQF

IS-124 IS-124-GSB IS-124-GSB
CH-100 CH-100-SQB(2006)
(English Only)
CH-176 CH-176-SQB CH-176-SQB
CH-178 CH-178
CH-180 CH-180-SQ
(English Only)
CH-181 CH-181-SQ
(English Only)

(French Only)
CX-183 CX-183-GS
(English Only)

Recirculating Series
Series Manuals
(English, French & Spanish)
Specification Sheet
IS-20 RD-0020
(English Only)
CH-191 RA1020RD

*Information subject to change without notice.

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