Extended Warranty

KOBE Range Hoods
Brillia Extended Warranty Guidelines:

  1. Brillia Range Hoods that are purchased on or after August 1, 2013 from an authorized Kobe Range Hood dealers are qualified.
  2. Discontinued, refurbished and previously purchased Brillia Hoods are not qualified for this warranty.
Brillia Extended Warranty

To Apply for the Brillia Extended Warranty:

  1. Download and Complete the Brillia Extended Warranty Form (below)
  2. Complete the Warranty Registration Card (included in the box with the product)
  3. Mail both Brillia Extended Warranty Form and Warranty Registration Card together with a copy of proof of purchase to the address below:

    11775 CLARK STREET
    ARCADIA CA. 91006

Brillia Extended Warranty Exclusions:
This warranty does not cover, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Brillia Hood that is purchased before August 1, 2013
  2. Discontinued and refurbished Brillia Hoods.
  3. Improper installation.
  4. Any repair, alteration, modification not authorized by KOBE.
  5. Duct alteration, modification and connection.
  6. Incorrect electric current, voltage or wiring.
  7. Normal maintenance and service required for the product.
  8. Consumable parts such as light bulbs and carbon filters.
  9. Improper usage of the product that it is not intended for, such as commercial use, outdoor use and multi-family use.
  10. Normal wear and tear.
  11. Chips, scratches or dents by abuse or misuse of the product.
  12. Damages caused by accident, fire, flood and other Acts of God.
  13. Expenses incurred for service located outside of the designated service area.
  14. Purchases from unauthorized dealers.
  15. Removal fees of defective product and Installation fees associated with replacement product.

    If we determine that the warranty exclusions listed above apply or if you fail to provide all necessary documentation for warranty service, you will be responsible for all expenses associated with the requested service, including parts, labor, shipping, travelling and any other expense related to the service request. Failure to register your hood may result in denial of Extended Warranty Service.

Click here to download :
           Extended Brillia Warranty Form.

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